Voice Spotlight: Rosie De La Cruz


Rosie is one of our incredible Dwell voices, we're so blessed to have her. From Northern England, Rosie's soft and relaxed voice lends itself nicely to a contemplative Scripture-listening experience. We asked her a few questions so you can get to know her a little more. 


1. Tell us about your audition with Dwell; how you heard about it and the process of becoming a voice.

I heard about the Dwell audition through a friend who worked for Lightstock. I had honestly forgot about it for a month or so and then one night I had been praying for discipline with reading the bible. The next day my friend called me and reminded me of the app audition and it felt like God was giving me a nudge in the right direction. I recorded some scripture at home and sent it in and everyone seemed to like it! So I was brought in a week later to the studio for a second audition and offered a job soon after.


2. Do you have something you do before you begin recording to get into a certain mindset?

I try and be mindful of the responsibility I have before reading. I just like to sit in the quiet and read through what I’m about to start with and try to tune out any distractions from regular life.

I feel like I have a responsibility through my voice to create a connection to the listener and God through the verse.

3. What is the biggest challenge of reading the entire Bible?

Conveying the tone that, I believe, the authors were. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to realize the underlying message of a verse or chapter before I can hear it clearly in my head and how it should be spoken aloud. I feel like I have a responsibility through my voice to create a connection to the listener and God through the verse; I don’t want to be using the wrong tone and turn the listener away!


4. What do you do aside from one of the voices of Dwell?

I work on a communications team for an organization called Greater Europe Mission – they send missionaries across Europe to spread the Gospel. I also volunteer with an anti-trafficking organization called Treasured Vessels Foundation on their communications team. I am also married and have a tiny puppy! 


5. Have you ever done voice work before?

I have done podcasts for the missions organization but never voice work professionally.  


Rosie's Favorites

Snack: Sushi

Band: Mumford & Sons

Book of the Bible: Psalms

Marvel movie: Black Panther

 Hobby: Photography

6. What drew you to join Dwell?

It was an idea I instantly believed in. When I heard the other voices I realized the potential for the app to reach people across the world and to connect people to the word in an important, new way. 


7. What is one thing you’ve learned since you started recording the Scriptures?

 To be patient with myself and lean on God more. Sometimes it can be frustrating rereading the same verse again and again due to my own error, but I have learned that it’s ok to make mistakes, even when reading the bible, and that ultimately God has got me where I’m meant to be. 


8. Has being involved with this project changed your outlook of the Bible?

Absolutely. Personally I am impatient and can scan through the bible too quickly and not let it really sink in. But reading it aloud multiple times has allowed me to soak it in and find a deep meaning behind each chapter – I love it! 

Carol Michael