Dwell Artists: Prixel Creative


Prixel Creative is the talented design team tasked with creating masterpieces that encapsulate the spirit of each book and passage for Dwell. Their team is comprised of a husband and wife dynamic duo, Kendra and Justin Skinner, along with the newest member, Travis Gann. Prixel’s studio is located in the historic district of Springfield, MO. Get to know them:  


1. How did you first hear about Dwell?

Josh and Jon first spoke with us about Dwell towards the end of the 2016. They talked about it with such passion and enthusiasm that we couldn't help but get excited about the project.

2. What made you want to join this project?

We wanted to join this project because we loved the idea of making listening to the Bible more accessible. We also knew that we'd love using the app. It was also a no brainer with Josh and Jon at the helm. They do such great work with anything and everything they are a part of. 


He gives us all creativity and we realize that anything we create comes from Him. Our desire is that the artwork will help people relate to the scriptures in a way they hadn’t thought of before. 

3. What are you most excited about in the app?

We are really excited to hear the beautiful voices and be able to switch between them within the app. We've heard snippets along the way and it's going to be so neat to have full access when it launches

4. What has been the biggest challenge of taking on such a big/multi-faceted project?

Portraying the stories of the Bible is kind of a daunting task and probably the most difficult part of our process. We take that seriously and want the pieces of artwork to be as good as they can be. Some are literal and some are abstract. We want the artwork to be inspiring and not distracting to the listener.  




5. Walk us through your process of coming up with a design for a Bible book or playlist, where do you get your inspiration, how does the design evolve into the final product?

We first read through the verse or story and then jot down key ideas for the artwork. Once we have that base, we research ideas and techniques and then it's on to implementation. We gather multiple images from places like Designspiration and Pinterest, and then form mood boards. We like to create our own textures and painted backgrounds to use throughout. Sometimes we get it right on the first try and other times it takes us many iterations to get it looking and feeling right for that story. Jon is also a huge help in giving valuable feedback and direction when needed. 

6. Beauty is one of the routes of access to God; how do you think this ties into your designs for Dwell?

God is the master artist, that's for sure. Trying to capture the beauty of the verses in the Bible is humbling. The process of creating is something that we love doing and the responsibility we feel is great. He gives us all creativity and we realize that anything we create comes from Him. Our desire is that the artwork will help people relate to the scriptures in a way they hadn't thought of before. 




7. Which of the designs are your personal favorites and why?

We have many favorites, but so far our favorites are Colossians 3 (the butterfly), Proverbs 31, Pslams of David, Institution of the Lord's Supper, and The Epistles - The Prayer of Faith. It's actually really difficult to think back through all the designs we've created so far. Can't wait to create more! 


Carol Michael