Voice Spotlight: Mark Rios


Mark is one of our incredible Dwell voices, we’re so blessed to have him. An actor and voice artist, Mark brings warmth and life to the Scripture-listening experience. We asked him a few questions so you can get to know him a little more. 

1. Tell us about your audition with Dwell; how you heard about it and the process of becoming a voice.

My audition with Dwell was a very comfortable one indeed. I had heard about the casting through Craigslist believe it or not, and thought It would be a great fit if I booked it. The initial audition all the way through the final "Call-back" was a very laid back process, where Jon/Josh made me feel at home. Initially I declined their offer for different reasons, but God brought us back together again after many months. 

2. Do you have something you do before you begin recording to get into a certain mindset?

Before each recording session I say a prayer, and try to get into my "Brother Andrew" character. He is a character that I envision to be sitting in a quiet cabin reading through a copy of the part of the Bible he finished copying. This character helps me to get into the right mode and pace of reading.

3. What is the biggest challenge of reading the entire Bible?

The biggest challenge in reading the Bible in its entirety, is staying in character with the same vocal tones, rythyms, etc. 

4. What do you do aside from being one of the voices of Dwell?

My regular job is an actor/voice actor.

5. Have you ever done voice work before?

I have done voice work many times throughout my career. I've done everything from voice acting for an animated film, to voice acting for Japanese anime. 


Mark's Favorites

Snack: Nut butter filled Clif Bars

Band: Coldplay

Book of the Bible: Love Psalms, Revelation, Micah

Superhero movie: Wolverine

Hobby: Reading about different speculative subjects

8. What drew you to join Dwell?

What drew me to join the Dwell team was the goal of showcasing the Scriptures vocally in a whole different light. Using original art/music etc. with the different styles of voices was incredible to me. 

What is one thing you’ve learned since you started recording the Scriptures?

The one thing I'm learning since starting the recording sessions is to always be patient with myself. This is a huge deal for me. As an actor, I have a hard time with that, believe me!

9. Has being involved with this project changed your outlook of the Bible?

Being involved with this project has made me more attune to the Scriptures in general. There are some passages I've recorded that I never had heard before believe it or not. 

Carol Michael