Behind the Scenes of Our Kickstarter Video


This is Sammy, he is Dwell's incredible Storyteller. We asked him to write a bit about the Kickstarter video and how it came to be. Read on to hear about the process and experience of creating the video.


We've known from the beginning that Dwell would be introduced to the world via Kickstarter. We've also always known how significant the video would be to our campaign. 

The video had to 1. tell the world that we exist, 2. capture the essence of what we wanted Dwell to become, and 3. communicate our need for support to accomplish the massive task of making the app a reality. Done properly, the video would allow our backers to see the value that Dwell could provide before we even began development. We began the journey by analyzing a lot of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter – watching their videos over and over until we found some sort of pattern we could replicate. From there, we used a similar formula to outline our video-to-be.

After our outline was made, the daydreaming began. We had a grand vision of an epic video with a ton of surreal locations. It wasn't too long after that we bought tickets to visit Chad Lawson – Dwell's composer – in North Carolina for an interview, and road-tripped up the East Coast for the rest of the video. Our two largest shoots were in Washington D.C. and New York City.

 Filming on the Brooklyn Bridge

Filming on the Brooklyn Bridge

Our entire campaign was thoughtfully designed to foster a deeper connection to God through beauty and simplicity. They weren’t an afterthought, they were a choice from the beginning.

We captured hundreds of gigabytes worth of footage to ensure we had everything we'd need when we returned to Texas for our edit. Sifting through over 300gbs of footage proved to be one of my greatest challenges. We felt a responsibility to use our screen time wisely and still be able to communicate the weight of what we're trying to do here. It went through many, MANY iterations before it became the final product you see today. There were too many extra shoots, cuts, and re-cuts to even count.

I've been learning a lot recently about how beauty can allow us to discover God in new ways. Colossians 3:23 serves as a constant reminder that I am called to glorify Him in every piece of work that I create. This campaign was Dwell's "first handshake" to the world. Knowing this, I felt the conviction that this project was to be done in all excellence. 

I think the end result captures the heart of Dwell. Our entire campaign was thoughtfully designed to foster a deeper connection to God through beauty and simplicity. They weren't an afterthought, they were a choice from the beginning.

On a different note, we have quite a few crazy stories from this project. Most notably, while we were filming in Brooklyn, one of the guys on the crew ended up getting REALLY sick with a fever of 103 degrees. Somehow, though, he decided that the show had to go on. He stayed with us until we completed the shoot, after which he crashed in the hotel room with some major fever shivers. #Dedication

Any obstacles we faced in the process of making the video quickly subsided due to the amount of fun and joy we had while making it, as well as seeing the final product. It was awesome to have a hand in the campaign. I am so excited for what the future holds for Dwell! It's incredible that we are only a few weeks away from launching the iOS version. Get ready for something big!


Sammy Lopez