Android 1.4.13

We've refactored a number of items under the hood, updated a few dependencies, and integrated in-app review.

iOS 2020.14

2020.14 is a small update to fix a couple rough edges on the underlying behavior of the sleep timer.

Android 1.4.12

This release fixes a few gremlins under the hood.

Android 1.4.11

Under-the-hood tweaks.

Android 1.4.10

We've updated our "Change Voice" card to use new flag icons instead of emoji, and fixed a shortcoming in our deep link behavior.

iOS 2020.13

In 2020.13, we've introduced a long-anticipated Sleep Timer feature and polished a number of rough edges in the process:

  • The screens that display to choose voice / music / etc. in the player have been updated to allow for scrolling - so as we add more voices we don't run out of room!
  • Voice-selection screens now also display country flags
  • Some users who signed up for a subscription within the app couldn't see their newly-paid-for services without restarting the application.
  • Phones stopped reporting their time zone, which makes it rather difficult to set an accurate listening plan or daily listen reminder!
  • Fixed a couple of UI elements to be compatible with iOS 14

iOS 2020.12

This release fixes a few small bugs, and brings an option to "Report a Bug" to the settings menu.

Android 1.4.4

You can now report a bug from settings - thank you for helping us improve Dwell!

iOS 2020.02

Our second development cycle of 2020 had us focusing on our new initiative Dwell for Churches.

Watch this webinar to get a complete walkthrough of the new content creation features for churches:

User-Generated Content

The idea was to give pastors and church staff members a true discipleship tool that they could use to help increase Bible engagement throughout their congregation. To that end, we essentially made our internal tools for creating listening plans, playlists and passages available so that they could create their own Bible content and then surface that content to their group users inside Dwell. Here's a look at a Group Administrator's account:

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 11.48.46 AM.png

The dashboard screen lets them take a look at the content currently published to their church (or that is in draft mode). This church has created a summer Listening Plan and a passage of Scripture for memorization. Again, the content here has been generated by the church staff, not our team here at Dwell! From the Dashboard, they can easily create new content by clicking on the pink button outlined in yellow.


All of the content created by the church will show up in Dwell under the For You tab in their own labeled table row, e.g., Christ Community Church.


A quick tap on that table row will reveal the content that has been created and published to date.


After tapping the Listening Plan option, church members will be taken to the Plan's showcase screen. Here, they can subscribe to the plan and begin listening. Also, with a plan, church members are able to set up daily reminders, i.e., push notifications. ✅


Upon tapping the Week 1 Passage option, church members will begin hearing the selected passage of Scripture right away. This new create-your-own-content feature is great for launching periodic Bible Memory Challenges. Of course, the task of memorization is made easier with Dwell Mode. 🥰

If you're a pastor or on staff at church, consider signing up for one of our affordable group plans. It may be just the discipleship tool your ministry needs, especially during the chaos and distancing that's taken place due to COVID-19.

iOS 2020.11

This release is entirely focused on the issue of loading content. We've hunted down and fixed two major contributors to this bug, and our testing (and our beta users' testing) indicate we've finally solved the problem.

In addition, this release introduces a "Low Bandwidth Mode" under our debug settings, which tells the app to be less aggressive with its prefetching.