Dwell updates
Dwell updates

Android 1.4.23

  • Fix for the locked voice issue
  • More debug logging for our support team

Android 1.4.22

An improvement and a handful of fixes! Details below:

  • Add pagination to Favorites, Recently Listened Tos, and My Playlists to improve loading of large lists
  • Fix for the back button not working on the About Dwell screen
  • Improve For You partial update, and fix the partial update glitch when switching tabs
  • Fix slow frame glitch on player progress update
  • Fix download corruption when deleting intersected items, add logic to handle corrupted downloads
  • Fix for reported crashes


Release Notes



Android 1.4.21


Release Notes



This release fixes a number of bugs and crashes, including a remove from favorite issue and a read along memory leak. It also allows you to open a book, plan, or playlist from search results.

Android 1.4.20


Release Notes



This release fixes some bugs and occasional crashes that have come up in the last release, and provides additional information for us to diagnose any issues that might arise. In addition, we have also made it so that the screen stays active when you're using Read Along.

Android 1.4.19


Release Notes



  • Read Along! See and hear the Bible like never before with Dwell’s new Read Along experience. Follow the text of Scripture as it scrolls down the screen, synchronized to the narrator’s voice.

  • Listening Charts! Track how much you listen to the Bible with new daily, weekly, monthly and all time listening time charts.

  • Under-the-hood improvements!

iOS 2021.06


Release Notes



  • Fix for a crash that could occur when returning from being in the background

iOS 2021.05


Release Notes



  • Fix for the bug preventing deleted reminders from syncing with the API

  • Updates to Player UI (the spacing between Listen/Read Along toggle and item metadata)

  • Updates to Listening Time UI

  • Fix for a crash in the background

iOS 2021.04


Release Notes



  • Fixed a bug with show scripture chapters in the queue and other lists

  • Improved handling of some rare crashes

  • Fixed a bug where the right combination of repeat settings and verse offsets could lead to the player resuming part-way through the track over and over.

  • Fixed a bug where scripture chapter data wasn't loading properly in queue and other lists.

iOS 2021.03


Release Notes



  • Fixes for several rare crashes

  • Additional error reporting for sync errors

  • More logging on payment failures

  • Completed listening plans will no longer be displayed in Active Plans

  • Scripture books/chapters resume properly when tapped from Recently Listened context

  • You can long-press on the daily listen again

  • Artwork optimizations

iOS 2021.02


Release Notes



  • Fix for some layout and crashing bugs from 2021.01