Android 1.4.15

No new features, just updates to the internals to keep things running in tip-top shape!

Android 1.4.14

This release fixes bugs related to crashes for some users.

Android 1.4.13

We've refactored a number of items under the hood, updated a few dependencies, and integrated in-app review.

iOS 2020.14

2020.14 is a small update to fix a couple rough edges on the underlying behavior of the sleep timer.

Android 1.4.12

This release fixes a few gremlins under the hood.

Android 1.4.11

Under-the-hood tweaks.

Android 1.4.10

We've updated our "Change Voice" card to use new flag icons instead of emoji, and fixed a shortcoming in our deep link behavior.

iOS 2020.13

In 2020.13, we've introduced a long-anticipated Sleep Timer feature and polished a number of rough edges in the process:

  • The screens that display to choose voice / music / etc. in the player have been updated to allow for scrolling - so as we add more voices we don't run out of room!
  • Voice-selection screens now also display country flags
  • Some users who signed up for a subscription within the app couldn't see their newly-paid-for services without restarting the application.
  • Phones stopped reporting their time zone, which makes it rather difficult to set an accurate listening plan or daily listen reminder!
  • Fixed a couple of UI elements to be compatible with iOS 14

iOS 2020.12

This release fixes a few small bugs, and brings an option to "Report a Bug" to the settings menu.

Android 1.4.4

You can now report a bug from settings - thank you for helping us improve Dwell!