Dwell updates
Dwell updates

iOS 2021.02

  • Fix for some layout and crashing bugs from 2021.01

iOS 2021.01

  • Read Along! See and hear the Bible like never before with Dwell’s new Read Along experience. Follow the text of Scripture as it scrolls down the screen, synchronized to the narrator’s voice.

  • Listening Charts! Track how much you listen to the Bible with new daily, weekly, monthly and all time listening time charts.

  • Under-the-hood improvements! Dwell has updated our audio engine with tons of performance enhancements. This will really help our listeners who have slow or unreliable internet connections, fix a bunch of rare but very annoying bugs, and enable a number of exciting new features we have in mind for Dwell in the near future!

Android 1.4.18

This release addresses a number of bugs.

Android 1.4.17

This release fixes a number of reported issues.

Android 1.4.16

This release allows you to share any item, plus the usual bug fixes!

iOS 2020.15

2020.15 introduces improved support for notifications, allows sharing even more content, and fixes a number of bugs.

Android 1.4.15

No new features, just updates to the internals to keep things running in tip-top shape!

Android 1.4.14

This release fixes bugs related to crashes for some users.

Android 1.4.13

We've refactored a number of items under the hood, updated a few dependencies, and integrated in-app review.

iOS 2020.14

2020.14 is a small update to fix a couple rough edges on the underlying behavior of the sleep timer.