Android 1.4

The biggest update since our launch, this release brings Favorites, Scripture Search, more intuitive navigation, and an app-wide overhaul to your scripture listening experience!

iOS 2020.09

This release is all about addressing errors with audio failing or being extremely slow to load. We hope to have taken care of the biggest causes of these problems, and we're monitoring carefully to find and fix any others!

iOS 2020.08

  • Fixed a bug where downloads wouldn't always save properly.
  • Fixed a bug where downloads might not play properly, especially when offline.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when syncing data.
  • Fixed some notification actions that weren't working properly.

4 New Guitar Tracks Added! ūüéČ

We love composing new music for Dwell. Our belief is that music can be a powerful way to enter more deeply into the text.

We're excited to be adding four additional guitar tracks from Steinway artist and composer, Chad Lawson.

You can preview them below:

We hope you enjoy listening to these meditative guitar tracks as you dwell on the Word.

iOS 2020.07

  • Fix for a bug where the voices you choose to play in Random playback mode might not persist properly.
  • Attempt to address "Failed 5 Times" errors.
  • Attempt to address endless "Loading" problems for some users.
  • Fix for some issues loading additional actions menu for some items.
  • Fix userID in support correspondance.

Our biggest release yet

This is the biggest release since Dwell launched two years ago. Here's why:

A powerful new search feature

Now search and listen to the verses you ‚̧ԳŹ. Simply type the verse or collection of verses you want to hear and begin listening.


Favorite anything for easy access later

Now Dwell lets you favorite any verse or collection of verses and store them for easy access. Or favorite a Playlist, a chapter of the Bible, or one of our curated Passages. Now, you're never two taps away from one of your favorite passages of scripture.


Our new tabs give you more control:

We've reimagined and redesigned Dwell's navigational tabs. Here's a sneak peek of each: ūüĎáūüŹľ

For You tab

For You¬†is a brand¬†new tab that gives you quick access to your favorites, your plans, your downloads, and your queue. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's a screen entirely dedicated to you. ūü§ó


Explore tab

Explore is another new navigational tab that combines many of Dwell's older tabs (Plans, Playlists, and Passages). Basically, we've tidied things up in one spot. The Explore tab includes Dwell's curated Biblical content: Listening Plans, Playlists, and curated Passages.


Bible tab

Our new Bible tab is replacing the old Library tab. We know so many of you enjoy listening to the Bible straight through. So we've created three new Listen Through options and conveniently located them at the top of the screen:

  • The Bible (Full)
  • The Old Testament (Full)
  • The New Testament (Full)

These three Listen Through options mimic a traditional audio Bible experience. Of course, you can still dive right into the Bible's traditional table of contents and start listening by book or even chapter. We'll track your progress every step of the way.


Search tab

The Search tab is also brand new‚Ķand it's powerful too!¬†Now you can quickly search and listen to the verse or verses¬†you love. Plus, tap on the ellipsis button to the right of each search result to¬†Add to Favorites or Download for offline listening. ūüĎćūüŹľ



We hope you love this new update. It's our biggest release since Dwell launched two years ago. Enjoy searching and listening to the verses you love. Enjoy favoriting them for easy access later. And enjoy the new navigation! 

Plus, we think you'll also love the complete app architectural overhaul in this release! Dwell is now faster, smoother, and more reliable than ever.

This release is available now for iOS and coming to Android soon. To get it simply update in the App Store.